The man

Veerendra Shetty Kavoor, is a film Director and Screenwriter in the “Tulu” film Industry, was born in Mangalore and completed his M.A. in Mass Communication & Journalism from Karnataka State Open University. He is well known for the film Chaali Polilu is produced under the banner of Jayakirana films by Prakash Pandeshwar. The film has shared valuable message to the society. The film completely reflects upon social evils in the society and also provides equal amount of entertainment to the audience.

His movies are filled with unique and interesting Character, which makes the whole package a treat for the eyes. Today he is undoubtedly one of the most influential filmmaker of his generation, influencing many modern Directors and setting new trends across the South Canara.


The director

He is very much interested in Tulu language, Tulu literature & Art. His films are marked by complex characters, irreverent humor, and are often shot in the locales of his hometown. He has got Best Director Award for his film Chaali Polilu. And he is the Youngest Director of Tulu Film Industry, from past eight years he is working as a Journalist.